“Working 30 years as a police officer, I’ve seen lots of weird paranormal stuff cannot be explained. There are so many caves along the Rio Grande River that have not been explored. There are also lots of irrigation channels that are unkempt, these channels are strategically placed throughout the valley along the border in case Falcon Dam or Alzalduas Dam overflow. Inside these channels are huge underground man-made ducts that look like apartments, some have 12 ft ceilings, and some have tunnels that lead to other rooms. I guess this would sort out the water overflow to different canals. I saw several dead bodies, some decapitated, some bound, and some partially eaten by unknown type wildlife. It didn’t reach media but at one time there were about 12 homicides, same MO bound from feet, upside down from trees, degutted intestines, heart, liver, stomach set aside in circles like rituals. They were supposedly transgenders, but some of those corpses did not look human and some were found by exploring kids inside these ducts. I could have sworn the one I saw at Cimarron on Shary Rd had broken off wings.

Cimmaron Country Club (Sharyland, TX)

This happened in the late 80s. I wish I had pics to show, but yeah it may have been humanoid or gargoyle offspring. I once saw one that leaped 30 ft across the road on all fours. It then stood up like a man. It was slender, hairy, and about 5ft tall, it stared at me as I was in my police car. I stepped out and kept it at gunpoint a few seconds. I didn’t know what it was. It resembled human but leaped like a cat, it then jumped to about 20 ft high into a tree. I was a rookie in 87 and chased it. I tracked and found its foot sign. It was like a human elongated foot with paws. That sighting was on Schuerbach Rd South of 2-mile Rd, Mission, TX.

Crazily, I saw another near the Roma Bluff. I was on a special assignment with La Migra (Border Patrol). Hunkered down with my m4 rifles. I had to piss. I found an isolated spot. It was uphill on a boulder, just upriver from the Roma Port of Entry. I thought my piss was falling on a garden hose. The hose then moved away. It scared the crap out of me. I swung out my m4. I had been waiting for dope crossing but this was too weird. As I hand motioned my partner to watch my 12 while I went down to look, the same freakin type human-like cat creature peeked out from behind a boulder. It was 10 ft in front of me. I froze. But I yelled at it, ” Get down asshole!” It didn’t respond but then stared at me, looked away, then leaped 30 ft high into the brush. Of course, I chased after, but my partner saw it too. We called our team downslope to be on the lookout. As soon as we called them, it ran past them. They couldn’t make out its face but it was the same creature. Yes, I believe there are some supernatural creatures out there. They are very real, but you just gotta be there at the right place to see them.” -Retired Police Officer

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4 Comments on “Retired Police Officer Sees Cat-Like Humanoid”

  1. U R FOS if u never been out there as I have. Definitely Real. There is a mame that comes to mind after research by the way, Jaguarandi. But these things grow up to human size along the border. Theres even black bears out there and alligators. Rest EZ we are on the same team. POs keep u safe while u enjoy beauty rest.
    Over n Out.

    1. Thank you for all you and every Police Officer does for us. I think it should be required for every citizen to do ride outs with LE, Fire and EMS to get a first person experience of just how frightening and difficult it is for you out there. Thank you again my friend. My hat is off to you all.

  2. I believe that there are mysterious creatures out there and that it is still a mystery . and whose to say that they are werecats or humanoid aliens . But they are Definitely feline 😺and what do they want from us. It is still a big question . ❓

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