Brujeria, La Santa Muerte and The Virgin Mary (Picture Evidence)

This next creepy story seems to be a classic case of Brujeria (Latin American Witchcraft).

“I am a very true believer in the Lord, but we always have to think this way, ” if there is good, there is BAD.”  This all happened a few months ago about in November.  I have a friend, out of nowhere she started getting ill and Doctors could not find anything that was causing for her to have a bloated stomach and be in the ICU dying.  They sent her to Houston and was there for another month in ICU and they couldn’t find anything either.  So, when they sent her back down to McAllen, TX she was in the ICU for 2 days before they would disconnect her from artificial life, her husband decided to go to a curandera in Weslaco.  I’m talking about a curandera, (ONE WHO CURES BAD) not a bruja (witch).

A Curandera performing a “limpia” or spiritual cleansing.

Well, I’m not at all into those things, but he asked if I could go and pray with him some “Our Fathers” and other prayers.  All she would do was pray over and over with a CANDLE.  On the candle she put, with tape, a picture of the sick lady that was in the ICU and she had an image of the Virgin Mary.  She would pass the candle in cross back and forth praying and saying, “LA SANGRE DE CRISTO TIENE PODER Y TODO LO MALO SE REMOVER !! (The Blood of Christ has the power to remove all evil.”)

The curandera did this for 3 days in a row from Wednesday to Friday.  She lit the candle next to the image where she was praying and by Monday night THE LADY CAME BACK TO NORMAL AND THIS IS WHAT APPEARED ON THE PICTURE THAT WAS PUT ON THE CANDLE !!!

This is the actual picture used in the story.  You can see what appears to be an image of La Santa Muerte and The Virgin Mary.

IT WAS , “LA SANTA M.” (Death) AND ON THE BOTTOM LEFT CORNER THE VIRGIN MARY WHICH HEALED HER.  This is just living proof of what I saw with my own eyes, couldn’t believe it, but my friend is alive praising the THE BIG MAN ABOVE, GOD!! For letting her live again…. it’s for some people that say, “What can candles do?”  Well, I saw it…” -G. Garza

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