Man in Black suit with red eyes

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  1. One night at home I heard a moaning and groaning coming like there was two people I could hear one saying this is a bad idea as it was getting closer then at my front door someone starting saying help me help me and the tone got lower help me I picked up my charged pH and told my frightened daughter to be quiet I went to pH the police and my pH died the voice carried on help me I no ur in there and suddenly I could hear a heavy breathing at my laundry door which was inside the front door which led through an arch way I picked up my base ball bat cocked it back waited a moment and yelled and went to my kitchen window I was like what the fuck do u want I peered out and he was in the dark archway a big man wearing a top hat with glowing red eyes to me he appeared to be wearing a long black coat looked in late fortys a hardened man with wat I could only discribe as a slight reptillian look about him strong and rough he appeared I yelled at him walk down the stairs and step into the light he turned walked down stepped into the light and turned towards me a long haired blonde teenage boy saying he had been walking for hours and was lost and didn’t no his way out to the main road I yelled you go to the end of the Street and turn left he walked out of my drive way I yelled you don’t walk you run and he ran.i didn’t check my front door for some time as I new I had locked it but when I did check I found it wide open.west Auckland newzealand.

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