Mission, TX, located in Deep South Texas, appears to be a paranormal hot spot as we continue to get many interesting and creepy stories from this border town.

This strange story comes to us from a woman located in Mission, TX.  Apparently, she had a terrifying encounter at the Mission Regional Hospital with the spirits of dead people.  Check out her story below.

“Well, growing up my household was pretty religious.  We never really spoke of ghosts, but my dad always believed in them.  He would always experience creepy things in Mexico including some things here (Mission, TX).  My brother always hangs out with his friend, Noe, and they were horse-playing.

The point is my brother got a BB gun bullet stuck in his friend’s ear, so we had to take Noe to the hospital.  It was around 12 at night on a Friday.  We arrived at Mission Regional at around 12:15.  My mom and Noe’s mom went to check Noe in while my dad, brother and sister and I waited outside.

Since the hospital is quite large you can see people’s silhouettes in the windows.  What gave me goose bumps was that the people weren’t moving.  They just stayed in the same stiff positions for the 20 minutes we were waiting outside.

My father said ”don’t look in their eyes or they will follow you.  Never look into their eyes.  Those are the spirits of dead people”.  I thought he was joking since my dad was a goofy kind of guy, so I did it anyway.

I thought well, “it’s just a person’s shadow. You can’t even make eye contact with it.”  But was I wrong.  I looked at a silhouette froze. Completely stiff.  My father was telling me to look away, but I just couldn’t..

I was in some sort of trance.  My sister finally pulled me away, but now every time I pass that hospital I get little goose bumps thinking about it.” -Ana

“Im Marylou Villegas. I usually get admitted at mission regional hospital and I’ve experienced some weird, chilling things.  Every nurse in every floor would tell me about ghost stories til one day on April 25 2016, I stayed in and I was on the third floor when the call light button kept turning on and nurses would come in.

Then on the intercom, I heard them say code-blue for the room I was in and every one ran into my room and they all got chills when they saw me sitting in the bed asking them is something wrong and they said that a heart monitor had gone flat line, but I didn’t have a heart monitor on.

Once they left the room, I realized that I started breathing cold air and fog was even coming out of my mouth.  So, I got super scared and said my prayers to please let me be and for it to leave me alone. Once I said my prayers, all of a sudden the room temperature went back to normal.” – Mary Lou Villegas

In relation to Ana’s story, check out what this paranormal researcher and author had to say about Mission Regional Hospital.

“A number of ghosts sit perfectly still in the mission regional medical center emergency room. Each apparition is of an injured man or woman.  Two are children.  Their main goal appears to be to not disturb anyone.  Research suggests that ghosts are not of people who died at the same time, which may indicate a “recruiter ghost” among the dead.  Through example a “recruiter ghost” encourages other ghosts to do the same thing he or she is doing.  The remaining ghosts are followers.


At Mission Regional, the additional ghosts are followers in more ways than one.  If a living person in the emergency room accidentally looks one of them in the eye, that ghost becomes theirs.  The ghost goes along with them when they leave, also called “come along” ghosts. Followers attach themselves to their companion’s lives sitting quietly in their houses, the backseat of their cars or beside them on a bench at the mall, where ever the humans go they have their ghosts’ right there.

The only way to be rid of the presence is to return to the hospital, take a seat in the emergency room and wait for the “follower ghost” to reappear then the human must tell it in no uncertain terms to stay and do so without looking into their eyes.” -Paranormal Researcher and Author, Randy Russell

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6 Comments on “Spirits of The Dead- Mission Regional Hospital (Mission, TX)”

  1. Im marylou villegas I usually get admitted at mission regional hospital and I’ve had experience some weired chillin things every nurse in every floor would tell me about ghost story till one da on april 25 2016 I stayed in and I was in thrid floor when the call light button kep on turning on and nurses would come in then on the intecome I heard then say codeblue for the room I was in and every one ran into my room and they all got chills when they saw me sitting in the bed asking them is something wrong and they said that a heart monitor had gone flat line but I didnt have a heart monitor then once they left the room I realized that I started breathing cold air and fog was even comeing out of my mout so I got supper scared and said my prayers to please let me be and for it to levea me alone once I said my prayers all if a sudden the room temperature went back to normal..

  2. I also have had several ghosts experiences at Mission Regional Hospital…my first experience was when my aunt was admitted there..I visited her and stayed with her over night and while she was sleeping, I sat there watching tv,, then door opened have ways and a nurse peeked and asked is she ok? I said who? nurse replied your aunt,, I said yes shes ok sleeping..so she stepped inside and I saw she was wearing 1940s nurses dress with a white cap that had a red cross on center oc cap..like the ones nurses wore back in the 40s or 50s…also her shoes were from back from the 40s or 50s..so she went out and I felt weird that she was dressed like that..so I asked the nurses at nurses station that who was that nurse dressed like that and I described the way nurse was dressed and they told me no, mam..our nurse wear colored scrubs and tennis shoes only..so I just went back to my aunts room and kept thinking about weird dressed nurse and I said it was probably a nurse ghost.

  3. my other ghost experience at Mission Regional hospital, was a time my father was at hospital, I was sitting down next to my dad and outside window passed a dark mans shadow through ouside of window like if if was walking ouside but it was 3 floor so I looked outside to see who it was, but no one was there..

  4. my other experienced was when I was visiting my aunt at hospital..i was buying a plant at hospital little store and I turned to my left side and saw a man dressed in white staring at me as if he was waiting for me to get on elevator..so he kept elevator door opened until I went inside..he closed door he kept still and only looking to front..so elevator opened, I stepped out but man stayed in and I turned to see if he was there but no mobady was there he dissappeared..So after visiting my aunt that day, I left hospital and stopped at kmart store to buy stuff.and while paying at cashier, I turn back next to me was that same man I saw at hospitan on elevator he was wearing same white clothe and smiled at me so I felt chills and payed my stuff and went out store to my parking space and the he comes on back of me hes vehicle was parked next to mine,, I just locked my cars door and left turned back to see id man was there but he was gone didn’t see him drive away..He was probably a ghost that followed me from hospital..

  5. my other experienced was at same hospital Mission Regional Hospital…I got on elevator and this kid who looked about 11 yrs old got on elevator by himself he was wearing a green square short sleeve shirt..he turned at me and smiled at me..so elevator door opened and I went out and kid no where to be seen..i came back to hospital next day and saw same boy dressed the same got on elevator and there he is again.. I.felt chills cause I had looke at time on my watch and it was 3:30 pm just the same time I left hospital I first saw kid on elevator weird!! maybe a kid ghost playing around

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