San Pedro Springs Park

San Pedro Springs Park
1415 San Pedro Ave.
Visitors to the park — the second oldest in the United States — have reported hearing children’s voices when there is no one around, as well as a small group of American Indians performing a drum ceremony — but no one saw them arrive or leave. 


LOCATION – 800 W Ashby Pl, San Antonio, TX
HOURS – 6 AM – 11 PM Daily
OWNER – City of San Antonio Parks & Recreation
PARANORMAL ACTIVITY – Medium, Apparitions, Strange Noises, High EMF (Electromagnetic Fields)

Legend – San Pedro Park is the second oldest park in the United States next to Boston Commons. It’s history is rich and revolves around the natural San Pedro Springs, and limestone cliffs and caves that run throughout the park. There are several stories of things that happened at San Pedro Park. There have been many battles, including Indian massacres and Indian raids. There are two main legends regarding the park. One involves people constantly seeing school children dressed in knickers playing and screaming. Some people believe the children are crying out for help. Apparently there used to be a school across the street from the park. People who live around the park report being outside and seeing Indians at random…day or night. Psychics claim the Indians want their land back, as the springs were a huge part of their identity and the land was taken from them. The main legend of San Pedro Park is “The Lure of Lolita”.

In 1851 a man named Vincent Boone was traveling through San Pedro Park and sought refuge from a storm at the Block House. A very old, dark man who called himself Pedro Lara answered the door and, noticing that Boone carried a fat money bag, offered him food and the opportunity to stay the night in a hut nearby. He introduced Boone to Lolita, an extremely beautiful young girl that Lara said was his daughter. Boone was wary of Lara, and decided to spend the night with his gun on his chest and his clothes on. During the night, Boone heard noises in his hut, struck a match, and saw Lara approaching with a knife. The match went out, and Boone shot into the darkness. He lit another match, but Lara was nowhere to be seen. Then, Lolita ran up to the hut and revealed a trap door that led to a shallow cave where Lara lay dead. She begged Boone for mercy, saying she was not Lara’s daughter but had been bought by him as a young child and had been used time and time again to lure travelers into staying in the hut so Lara could rob and kill them. She said the cave already contained the bodies of two people Lara had killed. Whether or not any of this is true no one can say. But in 1900 city workers were extending San Pedro Avenue past Dwyer Street and found a shallow cave with three skeletons.

WHAT WE EXPERIENCED – Investigation conducted with Mission City Paranormal …present were Russell, Bobby, Vanessa, Mike, Beatrice, Keith, Erica, Felicia, Angelka, and Christine (psychic). We began with a walkthrough with our psychic when equipment began to malfunction. A common occurrence for us. She felt many things mainly a very frightening spot near the playground where impromptu rodeo competitions would take place between Indians and the European settlers. These competitions used to turn into skirmishes when the Europeans lost. Down to one camera we decided to skip ahead and debut a new piece of equipment Angleka’s been working with, the ovalice. The ovalice measures EMF readings and basically translates them into words. When it makes a connection it’s dead on and very erie. We weren’t sure we made a connection until quite some time after the investigation, watch the video for more. We did not capture any EVP audio but because of the busy area surrounding the park this is difficult. Russell, while turning his head, believes he saw something out of the corner of his eye. A figure in buckskin clothing…more than likely a Native American.

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