Dancing With The Devil Witness (West Texas)

“I remember that night, it was about 23 years ago. The story is indeed true. I was there. The only thing left out in the story was the smell, a horrible smell. I remember complaining, telling my friends, “Ewww, what’s that smell?”  Strong overwhelming (sulfur) right before the young handsome visitor appeared. When I told my grandmother about what occurred that night at Los Arcos, she turned and looked at me and said, “He’s been at Pan American Ballroom also, Mija.” Grandma said one night after attending a dance at Pan American, she stayed behind to help a friend clean up the place a little. Everyone had already left. There were maybe 5 people left inside finishing up their beers and talking, but Grandma’s friend asked them to leave, told them they had to get out. So they left.

Grandma was picking up all the ashtrays from tables while her friend was sweeping. This building was huge. The lady all of a sudden stops and calls out my grandma’s name, “Lucy! Lucia!” Grandma goes over to where she’s at and tells her to look over there way in the back. Then came the smell of sulfur. Grandma said, “Let’s get out of here!!” The lady said, “Wait, I thought we kicked everyone out. I need to go tell this person to leave, to get out.”

“Go home!” She said, “Look, can you see the little light? It looks like a cigarette light.” The lady walked closer and closer. Grandma stayed put and was telling her, “Let’s go, let’s go, can’t you smell that??” Grandma headed for the front door. The lady kept going, grandma heard her say, “Hey,  you can’t be here anymore, sir.  Can you please leave? Hello, hello?” Finally, she was practically in front of him when the man (creature/devil) looked up and told her, “I got here late.” The lady saw and started screaming and yelling, ran out, got in the car with grandma and they took off. They left the front door open and didn’t look back. She said it was Satan sitting at a table having a drink and smoking á cigar way towards the back at Pan American Ballroom.” -Nena G

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