“This encounter happened to me last year in the summer. I was driving home with a friend coming from the island. I was driving down Dr. Hughe Emmerson Rd that leads to Altoon Glor and as I passed the light I and my buddy, George, saw this hairy looking creature/humanoid run fast across the road.

I hit my breaks hard and told my buddy to shine the flashlight I had in my truck out into the field and we both saw the outline of this bipedal creature running into the dark. After that, we drove out of the area and were trying to figure out what was it that we saw. I said it could be a possible Bigfoot-like creature or some humanoid Cryptid but I’m not sure.” -Benjamin R.

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  1. It happence to me a few years ago. In Harligen Texas during the summer I saw a huge figure all cover in fur . near the bridge going to the airport in harligen. I just freak out and told my exfriend about it .

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