The Zion Cemetery Horror (Frisco, TX)

“When I was between 15-17 (1996-1998) years old, and living in The Colony, TX (about 20 minutes from downtown Dallas, and still small towns back then), a group of friends and I decided it would be a great idea to go to Zion Cemetery in Frisco, TX.

It was one of the last weekends before school let out for summer, and some of us were moving away, or wouldn’t have time to hang out in the summer.

Zion Cemetery ( Frisco, TX)

We naively brought a Ouija board to the cemetery.

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Personally, on my own, I loved going to the cemetery/cemeteries to just hang out, and look at the tombstones, or read, or write. I always felt comfortable/peaceful in cemeteries for some reason. Anyways, me and my stupid friends, after talking about the reasons we thought there were so many children’s tombstones from the late 1800’s, we decided to try and contact people/children with the Ouija board.

We ended up talking to a 5 year old girl (can’t remember the name, maybe April), and didn’t get much information other than she was placed to rest at the Zion Cemetery.

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My friends and I got bored and decided to spend the rest of the day driving around, and what not. That night, maybe 9 or 10 pm (full moon out), we went back to the Zion Cemetery to try the Ouija board again.

While pulling into the driveway to the Cemetery, we noticed a pitch black car (Brand new looking, maybe a Lincoln Town Car/Crown Victoria or Pontiac Grand Prix/Grand Am) which oddly seemed to fade in and out, like a mirroring effect.

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We only saw the car and no one around it, and the windows on the car were pitch black. We parked the car and got out. We played around, joking the people were ghosts, and my friends dared me, and another girl to check out the car.

When the other girl and I went to check out the car, we saw a man and woman sitting down by the car, facing the road. They were sitting on a quilt. The woman was sitting Indian style, never turning to look at us. I could only see her profile (the side of her face.) She looked wet, her hair was soaked, was pale white and was dressed in an all-white dress/cloth. The lady looked to be around 20-35 years old, and she never moved. The man was half bald, and was laying down, propped up on one of his elbows.

The man looked to be around 55-65 years old, and wore blue jeans, a plaid button down top, and suspenders. He also had a another quilt that was covering the bottom half of his body. When we approached, the man noticed us, and gave a warm “Hello”. I replied with a nervous “Hello” (but I physically felt calm from his hello and looking at him), and asked what they were doing there.

The man explained he was just visiting his wife, and how nice the moon looked. I started getting nervous because the woman wouldn’t/never turned to look at us. The man asked us if we wanted to join them, and I replied that we were with friends, and didn’t want to bother them. The man stated we were no bother and said, “Here, let me properly introduce myself,” and started to get up.

That’s when I looked at his legs, and realized that both his legs were gone from the knees down! I pulled on my friend and told the man, “that’s okay! We’re leaving now!”

I made my friend run back to the car/where my other friends were. The other friends must of sensed something was wrong (saw the fear in my eyes), because as soon I told them it was time to go, and that we had seen ghosts, we were flying down the exit of the cemetery. I was way too scared to look back when leaving, but we could hear children laughing outside the car because my friend’s sunroof was open.

We drove straight to the KFC in The Colony, TX, got out of the car, started rambling to each other about what we saw, or thought we saw/felt, and so on.

Then, one of my friends noticed on the car that there were little hand and foot prints that went all the way from the bumper to the sunroof.

Image result for ghost children handprints on car

We vowed never to go back to Zion Cemetery. After that night, anytime I passed by the cemetery, I would get chills.

Personally, I wanted to go make peace by putting a flower on each grave, and verbally apologize as a sign of respect. I never got the chance to do it, and I believe by staying away from Zion Cemetery is enough sign of respect.  I one day plan to visit the cemetery and do as I wanted (put a flower on each grave and apologize).” -Norma

*note* Norma mentioned they spoke to the spirit of a little girl.  We did locate the tombs of 2 young girls buried there at Zion Cemetery,   5 and 6 years olds Lucy and ALICE Button. Could it have been Alice?

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