The Ghost Of International Blvd (Brownsville, TX)

This story was in regards to the “Lady In White” seen in La Feria, TX.   A woman in Brownsville, TX witnesses something similar.  Check it out!

“I saw her back in 1991 or 92, my ex husband and 2 children were comfortable in back from Matamoros Tamp (Mexico). We were on International Blvd heading home and from a distance I could see something weird floating, but I couldn’t tell what exactly it was.

As we were getting closer,  we slowed down to make a right turn and we got a closer look at what it was. We freaked out when we saw it. It was a spirit-like lady dressed in a white silk flower dress, wobbling like she was drunk, but the scariest thing was that she was floating in the air and her eyes were completely white, and her hair all messy and flowing.

I felt chills all over, after a couple of minutes my ex turned and asked me, “Did you see that or was it me only?”  Which I confirmed, “Yes, hurry up, let’s get home fast!!!!!” -Dalia S.

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