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6 Comments on “Ghost Kids of Rangerville RD (Harlingen, TX)”

  1. I find your stories interesting , how do you come by them . .
    I have a paranormal group out of San Benito we investigate paranormal activity, some of it come in the form of requests from people to investigate there home and the rest come from stories like yours and events that appear in the paper or are apart of local history . . Anyhow I really enjoy your work and would like to post it on my page . . .

    1. I live in San Benito since summer 2017 and have been interested in finding a group like that you mention can i get more info on it? I would appreciate it thank you beforehand

  2. The year was 1985 my girlfriend and I rented a room where the Bass Pro Shop now stands and 83 and 77 exchange. There was a Motel 6 located there. I can not remember the room number but I remember the incident vividly! My girlfriend and I had just started to make love when suddenly the mattress was lifted on her side of the bed and we were dumped on tve floor! At that moment I became extremely furious and turned on the light to the room. The doors to the entrance of the room were double locked and I checked the restroom and the closet and everywhere else! My girlfriend kept insisting we leave! I called the front desk and explained what had happened. the clerk assigned us a new room! I learned from her that 5 yrs before a young man had burned his girlfriend after she died from an attempted abortion and the room was haunted!

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