Gargoyle of Hulen Street (Fort Worth, TX)

“In 2011, I was living off of Hulen Street in Fort Worth.  I took my dog out for a short walk because we did not have a yard at the time. I noticed the dog behaving strangely.  Then I heard a tile fall from the roof of the building next to where I was walking.   Instinctively I looked up, only to see a large gargoyle looking creature on the roof.

He looked at me and his face was eerily similar to a human. He was large with leather-like skin and the wings of a bat.  I was terrified and looked away and started walking fast, in hopes he would leave me be.  And he did.  8 years later I had an employee come to work and report to me she saw a creature that sounded identical to what I had seen and it was in the same 76107 zip code.  She and 5 of her family members saw it on the roof of her aunt’s home.  She said they were too terrified to take a picture.” -GW

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