The Ghost Highway (Elsa, TX)

“I grew up in Elsa, TX. I was around 7 or 8 at the time this occurred. And I’ve never heard of anyone having a similar experience. It was maybe 2 or 3 in the morning and I was sleeping on the couch in the living room at my parents’ home. What woke me up at that time was a very loud moaning/crying sound coming from outside the house. But… It wasn’t from a single source it was a lot, a lot of loud voices doing the same sound.

I got up to peek outside still laying on the couch which was next to the window. What I saw is very difficult to explain. So, the easiest way to say it is I saw 100’s possibly 1000’s of ghosts all screaming like the hounding wind but multiplied. They were all going in the same direction, West, and I was looking at them out the window as they went towards my left. They looked like empty, white plastic bags from the grocery store all floating upside down next to each other only a little bigger, and were fading when you looked at where their legs were supposed to be, looking like maybe a tethered sheet is the closest I can resemble.

They were moving fast maybe 30 or 40 miles an hour, or faster like it was a highway. A highway of ghosts passing by our house! It was maybe 30 ft. across all the way to my neighbor’s house. It scared me bad that I quickly laid back down, covered myself with the blanket, and IDK how I went back to sleep, but I did. The next day I woke thinking I imagined it, or that it was a nightmare. So, I kinda blew it off.

About a week or 2 later it was the weekend, and I went to spend the night at my sister’s house to hang out with my nephew who is a year younger than me. We played outside, played video games all that stuff you do when you’re a kid at a sleepover. But that night, at about the same time, the same sound woke me up. I was sleeping in his room, and his bed was next to the window, so I just looked out and saw them again.

They were all screaming again, everything was the same except they were headed North West this time, and I was looking at them go away from me. I thought to myself, I’m going to keep looking this time, and I did for a bit. Until, I realized that they were moving so fast if one saw me it would be up in my face in a split second, because of how fast they were moving. That scared me even more than I was so, I looked away, covered myself and even though I could still hear them. Somehow, I went to sleep. After that second incident, I believed there are supernatural occurrences in this world.

I’ve had other sightings, but not like that one. I’ve never heard anything like that happening anywhere, and it feels like it’s possible that’s how ghosts move. Most ghost stories I’ve heard involve 1 or maybe a few ghosts in a house. Because of all the ones I saw it was only in a matter of a few seconds or maybe a minute, or 2. Maybe that’s what happens to ghosts when they aren’t in a single location. Idk, but I wish there was more information on this supernatural event because I’ve found none.” – Moises


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