Texas Woman Experiences Scary Timeslip In Kansas City

“I live in South Texas, but I lived in Kansas City when I was growing up.  I was 16 and my boyfriend got tickets to a concert.  My mom was adamant about me being home no later than 12:30.  We left the concert at 11:30 and it took about 30 mins to get to my house from there.

On the way back, we hit this wall of fog on I-435 it was clear one sec, the next we couldn’t see jack.  I started panicking, afraid we would hit someone or vise versa, so I had him pull over.  This fog was so thick I couldn’t even tell if we were pulled over enough or still on the highway.  It was scary.

Anyway, after about what seemed like 20 mins, the fog lifted and he took me home.  My mom was already asleep and I went to lie down as well when my boyfriend called. He said what happened?? Look what time it is. I saw it was like 345 am I was like wait a min how long were we pulled over on the side of the road. He said definitely not 3 hrs. 30 mins at the most. Right so what happened? I don’t know.”- Sandy B

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