Elf-Like Creature Terrorizes Woman (Dallas, TX)

“This happened when I was living in Dallas, TX as a kid. The late seventies.  We were living in Northwood Hills ( Richardson District) back then and our downstairs neighbor, who was also a good friend of mom’s, recounted this event from her own infancy.  The real witness was of course actually her mom (our neighbor’s mom) who had passed this on to her years later when she became old enough to comprehend it.

Anyways, the mom and daughter were alone that night cause their dad was working late.  They decide to go to bed as there is a power cut in the neighborhood and nothing else to do; no TV, no radio.  Nothing.  Mommy being a woman of faith and at the same time, a firm believer of the supernatural decides to let her daughter sleep with her in the master bedroom that night so she wouldn’t be lying all alone and get scared or something.  Mother lights a couple of candles in the house thinking that it’s pitch black and puts one or two here and there in the bedroom and another one in the master bathroom, which naturally has a door to the master bedroom.

So they talk from here and there and just as they’re about to dose off to sleep they hear this weird “puff” sound coming from the bathroom…”It’s just as if someone blows out the candles on their birthday cake.” she said and you could tell it still gives her the creeps to this day.  With that, the candle in the bathroom goes out and it becomes eerily dark in there.  The mother calls out, “Who’s there?”  Repeats it again and adds, “If you don’t come out I swear to God I’ll call the police!!!”

Then what happens after that is beyond comprehension.  A small elf-like creature’s head peers out of the dark in the doorway.  It’s a small head with an eerie grin..almost smiling at them.  Terrified, the mother yells at the little critter and says, “Whoever you are come out now and show yourself or …”  Unfortunately, before she even ends her sentence, the thing comes out to a height of 7-8 feet towering above the room.  Mother screams so loud that she thinks her throat would rip to ribbons.  She starts saying prayers like “Oh god..Our mighty Lord have mercy” and the thing instantly disappears into thin air.   Even to this day, I still recall the extreme fear in her eyes as she was telling us this story.” -Burack

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