Inhuman Creature Spotted On FM 222 (Coldspring, TX)

“Mid-January 2017, 3:12 a.m.  I was on my way back home from visiting my dad in Houston, and being about a little over an hour and a half from my house in Coldspring, Tx, I left later than usual; seeing as I wanted to spend as much time as I could visiting.

I take FM 222, ( a long stretch of road in a rural area) to the road I live off of.  I remember it being so cold and yet feeling tired and happy that I could spend some time with my dad, I didn’t really mind going home so late.  Anyway, I don’t really like using my high beams, however, it being pitch black and no lights on this stretch of highway, you have no choice.  Unless you want to come upon a full stag in the middle of the road that could potentially cause severe damage to your truck, trust me it happens.

I remember switching them on and driving a little over a mile when I saw something dark on the road.  Being a rural area, it isn’t uncommon to see an animal either alive or unfortunately as roadkill on the road, and certainly at night. But as I got closer, I saw that it was moving on the side of the road.  I started slowing down to give it a chance to cross over.  At this point, I’m about 100ft from this thing.  Automatically, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.  Hell, my entire body was in alert mode.

This thing was haunched over, the hind legs shorter than the front… the front legs were freakishly elongated with sharp claws.  It had shaggy dark hair… darker than a shadow.  The jowls were long, salivating and I could see fangs gleaming in my headlights.  Its eyes glowed red, pausing to stare at my truck.  I froze. I didn’t know what this thing was.  I suddenly hit the gas and it sped off.  I remember hauling ass trying to get as far away as I could.  All the while, I’m looking at my rearview mirror, as it ran parallel to the road until I hit the bridge, crossing a creek and it disappeared into the night.  I couldn’t get home fast enough, and even then I kept looking over my shoulder until I finally got inside.  I grabbed my rifle and hoped it wouldn’t find me.  Till this day I haven’t had any other encounter with this creature, I hope I never do again.  I don’t know what it was, nothing I could identify, even with my high beams directed towards it… it seemed inhuman.”- Anonymous

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