Ghost Boy Scares Man In His Own House

“One night, I got the urge to use the restroom, which is never out of the ordinary. As I stood up from my bed, I happened to glance towards the hallway bathroom and just as I looked away… I noticed a small boy running into the bathroom that I was about to use. I was so scared that I ran to my bedroom door, and immediately shut it closed.

The next morning, I asked my mom if she had gotten up last night at all, and her reply was that she felt like she couldn’t get up from her bed as if someone was trying to keep her down. Three months later, my mom found out she was pregnant and it was a blessing. Yet, now looking back on that experience, my brother is four years old and when I think back, he kinda resembles the little boy form that scary night.

It happened in Mission, Texas and it is a subdivision right next to Veterans. It happened four years ago, yet sometimes I can still hear footsteps running throughout my house.” -Alex S.

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