Fishermen See “Pond Monster” (Mercedes, TX)

“Back in the years 1998 through 2011 my friends, Willy, Andres, and my cousin Hugo and I loved to go fishing at the Mercedes Resaca where there is a beautiful waterfall view and during the day it seems like a normal pond.  But if u go real early at dawn before the sunrise the pond takes a totally different view.  It takes your imagination back to prehistoric times cause at that time you’re surrounded by the water banks, bushes, and the waterfall that makes you imagine you’re back in time to prehistoric days.  Well, that’s what my imagination makes me wonder.

So by sunrise, we unpacked our fishing gear and decided to camp there the whole day.  The day passed normally without incident.  We had good catches and by dusk, we decided to pack our fishing gear put away everything in the car trunk, and decided to call it a night.  But before we left we decided to gut the fishes there. After cutting open all the fish we wash them up in the pond. As dusk approached we were getting ready to get in the car when all of a sudden my friend Willy saw a big dark silhouette emerge from the middle of the pond.  Its neck stood up just like the Lochness Monster.

We all saw it still. It started to swerve its neck looking toward us. We got so scared that all 4 of us were frozen in fear.  After about 20 seconds that seemed like an eternity, that thing emerged back in the water. And all of us snapped out of it, we ran to the car and sped out of there.  We were shaking uncontrollably.  After driving quite a while Andres pulls over at a stripes store to get something to drink and also to calm ourselves down.  After that experience, we never went back to fish again at that pond.  But independently that pond has a beautiful waterfall in case you wonder it’s located in Mercedes, Texas.  On the backroads kind of hidden from the city.”  -Juan V.

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