The Ghostly Aisle of Toys R Us in Mcallen, Texas

A man working at a Toys R Us in McAllen, TX shares a frightening story about the store location.

“I’ve actually waited to share one of my Toys R Us stories. Well, I did the graphics and promotions for the store, so I had a little office behind the children’s clothes. In the room there are stairs to a second level of the store where we keep the extra shelves. I was usually the only one besides managers allowed back there. Sometimes I would hear footsteps and things shuffling around right above my office. I would go upstairs to check and there would be no one there, but things felt moved around.

At this time, I didn’t know the site was haunted, since I was a new hire. I asked some of the people who had worked there for a long time. Apparently, the office and the stairs weren’t always covered by walls. A long time ago a little boy was playing on the stairs and fell down halfway, the stairs were steel, so he was hurt. He passed out at the store was taken to the hospital where he later died, but the rumor was that he died in the store, but the company reported he was breathing when he was picked up. So, there is a ghost of a little boy that hangs out on the stairs and upstairs. If you hang out around the door hidden in apparel, you will hear the sound of the stairs being walked on by little feet.

Toys R Us – Mcallen, Texas

Another “fun” thing that would happen was the baby aisle on the girl’s side. These dolls are little baby’s that react with motion. They either laugh or cry when someone passes in front of them. The scary part was when the aisle was being stocked, without anyone even close to them, all the babies would start laughing for no reason. You sometimes didn’t even have to be in the aisle, if you were even in the next aisle alone you would hear them. During the overnight shifts, it was a tradition to have the newbies stock girls by themselves. They would be left alone and would either end up not mentioning it but making some excuse to work on another department, or they would go to a team leader and say someone was playing a prank on them. It was never a prank. After it happened to the current manager when he first got hired, he made the rule that when people are stocking girls, it had to be done in groups.

Here’s what another employee had to say about it.

“Toys r Us in McAllen was my first job, seasonal for Christmas employment. We would stay till 2 in the morning restocking and recovering. One night or rather morning, I heard a ring around the Rosie’s doll going off in the stock room. She is not motion activated. In order for it to activate you have to hold both her hands. No one was in the stockroom.” – Julie

The old Toys R Us is now a Floor & Decor

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