Ghost Lady Walking (Las Milpas, TX)

“I’m from Cali, and moved to the Valley 20 years ago not knowing anyone or anything about the Valley.  Not knowing anything, I ended up living in Las Milpas for a while.  Back then there was nothing for miles on South Jackson Rd.  One night returning from a date, my date was driving and I see a lady wearing jeans, a colored jacket and her hair was a mess.

When I saw her I asked my date to please stop, it was late and super dark and something could happen to her.  His first reaction was, “Jurame que no me esters mintiendo!” (Swear you aren’t lying to me!). I was like, “what?!  Why am I going to lie? Please go back she needs help!”  He said, “No, please turn around and check the back seat.” So I do and I’m getting very upset cause he’s not turning back and is asking me to look for something in the back seat.

So he continues asking me to tell him if I could see anything or anyone.  I laugh and tell him, “It’s just you and I in the car.”  He continues asking me if I was joking and if I knew the story.  I was getting mad because he refused to turn back and was asking stupid questions.  I start yelling at him, “I’m not from the Valley so I don’t know your stories and I wouldn’t joke with something like this, please go back. ”

He tells me he will tell me once we get to the house. I was getting upset, he starts telling me that once there was a lady asking for a ride and a truck driver picked her up raped, and killed her, dumped her body around the area, and she has been seen walking around the area at night.  I never saw the lady again even though I drove by the same street many times alone at night.” -Jennifer


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