Ghost Prisoner (Pharr, TX)

“In 1991, I began working at the Pharr Police Department as a dispatcher at the “Old PD” on Clark Street.  After my first week, I was left to work on my own during the graveyard shift.  One night at about 3:00 am, the patrol sergeant was in the radio room with me talking and after a few minutes, he left to get something to eat.  Before leaving, he checked the cell area and waved at me through the video monitor saying everything was OK and there were no prisoners.  I then saw him drive off through the video monitor in the back of the building. I could see through the monitors that all the cell doors were open.

It was a very slow night and there were very little radio traffic and no phone calls coming in.  I was looking at the video monitors and I saw a man walking out of one cell and into another.  I thought it was a prisoner that had gotten loose, so I reported it to the sergeant right away.  The sergeant returned right away and checked the entire cell and the booking area find nothing.  I could hear the doors open and close whenever anyone went in or out of the building and I had heard nothing.  After checking the area, the sergeant asked me what I had seen.

I told him I had seen a young man wearing a short sleeve t-shirt and jeans, but he was facing away from the camera, so I never saw his face.  When I described the person, the sergeant said, “Oh, it was just Froggy.”  I was pretty new and didn’t know what he was talking about, so I asked him who Froggy was.  The sergeant told me Froggy was a prisoner that hanged himself in one of the cells and now haunts the place.  With time, I spoke to several people who said they also had similar experiences. The person I saw was solid, not transparent, and looked like a normal person.  I would have never thought I was looking at a ghost.”- Juan V.

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