The Lady in White of Bicentennial Blvd. (McAllen, Texas)

This story was submitted to us by a man from the border town of McAllen, Texas.  Check it out.

“This happened to me and two of my cousins on a Friday night back in 2007.  I was driving down Nolana and Bicentennial Blvd.  Back then Bicentennial was not expanded like it is now.

There was a little stream that ran parallel to the Museum.  It was kind of late at night when I came to a stop right in front of where the little stream was.  We ended up in front of the Mcallen Museum.


I was so deep into my t
houghts when one of my cousins cried out, “look out the window!”  He pointed in the direction of the little stream and what we saw turned our blood into ice, an impression so vivid it still gives me the chills.  Right on the side of the stream was a lady in a white gown with flowing black long hair suspended a few feet in the air.

Thinking my mind was playing tricks on me, I rubbed them a few times blaming it on fatigue due to a heavy day at work. However, that vision, I just couldn’t accept it and me being a rational human being, I was trying to find a logical explanation since I’ve always been a skeptical person, but what we saw that night changed my way of believing in things forever.

That white lady approached the direction we were in all while gliding in the air.  Still trying to find an explanation as to why she was floating and not walking, I figured maybe someone was pulling strings attached to her body and lifting her up.  How stupid of me. Who would be able to do that?

So, the lady in white came closer to where I was waiting for the light to turn green, it seemed like time froze because it took forever for that light to turn green.  Just when the lady was a just a few feet away from us, the light finally turned green and I flew the hell out of there as fast as I could while my heart beat a million times per second.


After I drove a few minutes, we found an Exxon gas store.  I parked, ran in the store with my cousins, grabbed a coke from the freezer and gave it a big gulp.  Even the store clerk looked at us weird before asking us if we were alright.  I told him, “if you knew what we went through right now, you wouldn’t believe us and laugh at us and call us crazy.”  So, after a good talk with the store clerk we took off home.  Still scared, I glanced over at a bank clock and it read in amber numbers 2:45 am.


After we got home, we tried to calm down and realized a couple of things. First, why were we the only ones in traffic and why did not even one oncoming car pass by?  It felt like we were the only ones on that street.  That street is usually heavily trafficked even late in the evening, not to mention it was a Friday night.  Another thing I realized was that the red light took forever to turn green. It was as if the red light got stuck and time froze for us so we could see the lady in white. One thing for sure, we swore never to cross through those intersections late at night again.” – Jose

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