Camping and Terror In Fort Davis, TX

“I was camping with my son, my sister and her four kids this summer in Fort Davis, Texas. The only other people in this area were the campsite hosts and they were three sites away. We were on a small creek. My son and nephew (9 and 8) wanted to stay in a small tent right next to our big tent. A huge storm came in the first night right before bedtime and my nephew got scared and crawled into the big tent with us. I couldn’t leave my son alone so I got into his tent. In the middle of the night I was laying there awake (I get anxiety sometimes at night and can’t sleep) and I started to hear what sounded like a giant bug with wings flapping at about knee level right outside of my tent. I was really confused and hadn’t heard a noise like that before. The noise started to travel in front of my tent and then I heard what I can only describe as an animalistic exhale.

It never breathed in, it was only an exhale. Not necessarily a growl but a jagged breath. Then underneath this floating sound was heavy footsteps. Like a large man wearing work boots. It was only about a foot from my tent. Once the sound passed a got a large whiff of musky odor that came through the tent. I have never experienced that kind of fear. I was frozen and couldn’t move and could hardly breathe for what seemed like an eternity. The next day we searched the campsite and there were no tracks. My sister spoke with the ranger and they assured us it was wild pigs coming through the site to get to the creek. This was not a wild pig. I’m convinced it was supernatural. None of these sounds made any kind of sense and I was petrified. I don’t want to camp ever again because of this. I have tried to do research but it seems impossible to find anything and honestly, I feel like no one believes me. But this was not an animal and it was not a human.” -Rose

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