Ghost Lady Of Mile 10

“Around 2 or 3 months ago, me and my buddy, Leo, had wanted to go fishing. It was a pretty late chilly night, around 2 AM. So, my friend picks me up from Mercedes and we start heading down Baseline Road going towards Indian Hills and we turn off on Mile 10 N which is a very dark and desolate road, which is supposedly said to be haunted by a lady in white that appears on the side of the road.

So, we’re going down Mile 10 and around this curve in the road there is a little dirt path that takes you up a hill next to the Campacuas Lake and a canal. So, we take this dirt path up to the top of the hill and park up and we get off as we both eerily notice that it was oddly quiet. So, we start unpacking our fishing gear to get the night started and as I’m casting my line chilling next to the canal, my friend tells me he hears something strange like a screeching sound coming from the lake next to us. So, I just shrug it off as my friend just being paranoid until he calls me over saying that he sees something in white on the other side of the lake.

I go over to check it out and we both see this figure in white hoving over the water by the shoreline across the lake until it vanishes out of sight. I tell my friend to ignore it and that it was probably just a big bird or something and for us to get back to fishing. I go back to my fishing rod to check my line, as my friend is scared still staring at the lake uneasily. So, we get back to fishing again for about 15 minutes until my buddy goes back to look over the lake again and sees the same figure.

This time it’s crossing the lake coming towards us, so I run over to check it out and we both see in clear view, a lady dressed in all white hoving over the water coming towards our direction. As she got closer to the shoreline, we ran back to get our fishing gear and threw it in the back of his truck. We jumped in and hauled ass, getting outta there as quickly as possible. On the drive back to my house, we were both in shock wondering if what we had seen was really real. It was so crazy and unbelievable we thought no one would believe us until I told my GF and her family and they told me the story of the ghost lady from Mile 10.” -Jose

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