Man morphs into giant bat-like creature near flea market – Brownsville, Texas

I experienced seeing this creature about 2 years ago. It was the Saturday before Fathers Day 2014. I was driving back home to Brownsville from having spent the day with my cousins. I always exit on Eddie Lucio Highway but on this night for some reason I exited by the flea market and turned into Old Port Isabel Rd. I was driving home with my 4 young daughters and as I almost reached the end of the road I noticed what I thought was a man standing by the side of the road.

I naturally slowed down to let him cross the narrow road. I clearly remember his pants (jeans) but for some reason I don’t recall seeing his face. It’s as if he had hypnotized me. Anyway, as he crosses the road the next thing we saw was him kinda hurrying up to cross and then halfway he swung really big wings out and I can still remember they were huge, large, black and he grabbed onto a tree and climbed on it and flew away.

One of my daughter’s who was in the back seat yelled out “Mom did you see that huge bat!!!” and I said to her “THAT WAS NOT A BAT!!” I don’t remember how the heck I got home (I live about 6 min from that area) because I was so scared for my girls and I and like I said earlier, I felt like it hypnotized me.


As soon as I got home I called my mom and told her. My fear was that it had followed us home so she began to say a prayer with me. I had never been so afraid and scared in my life. Till this day every time I drive at night I look to see if I see that creature. I have had the urge to go and check out the tree he climbed just to see if there’s any scratch marks but I am scared to find out. I know he’s real. I’ll take a lie detector test anytime!! – Veronica

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