Creepy Red Eyed Being Teaches Boy a Lesson (South Texas)

Once again we received a chilling encounter coming from one of the most heavily active paranormal cities in all of Texas, Donna. Check out this story below.

“I recall my mom telling my brothers and sisters about something really scary that happened to a friend of hers years ago in Donna, TX. Her son was very mean and disrespectful to his mother. She was always crying and didn’t know what to do with him. One day he did the same thing as usual and stormed out of the house running.

There were a lot of woods and trees along the road. That night he came back home running and crying, his mother asked him what happened because he was scratched all over his face and body and bloody. He couldn’t even talk. He claimed that a man with a black suit and hat with red eyes had done it ….and that if he did it again, he was going to do it even worse. She also said that the man had long, long nails…..creepy.” – Maria

Could he have been attacked by one of the many witches or warlocks that have been rumored to exist in and around the city of Donna?

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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