Gorilla-like Creature Spotted

“On a June summer day back in 1984, my two cousins and I decided to load up some camping equipment and head to an area the locals called “Sam’s Old Bottom “ along Castor Creek six miles southwest of Leesville, Louisiana. After arriving and setting up camp around 2:00 we decided to go and set out our trout lines.

So for the next couple out my cousins and I followed Caster Creek and set our lines. During this time one of my cousins and I were getting the feeling that we were being followed. However, we chalked it up to our imaginations continued on. At around 11:00 or so, all three of us were tired from running our lines and we decided to get some sleep and check our lines again around 2:00 am. About 1:00 I awakened to the sound of one of my cousins yelling. At first, I couldn’t figure out what his problem was.

Then when I turned around I saw what my cousin was yelling about. At the edge of our camp site stood a six to six and a half foot creature. I would describe the creature as having reddish-color hair ( long). It had arms that looked to be very muscular and they hung down almost to its knees. I would say the creature probably weighed around 400 pounds or so. Its head was shaped almost like that of a gorilla with a short neck.

The damn thing had massive shoulders. The creature never did make any noise or make any threatening moves toward us. It just stood there and looked at us as if it was trying to figure out if we were a threat to it or not. Trust me when I say we were not a threat to it. Anyway, after standing there for what seemed to be forever, the creature turned and walked away from us and then out of sight.. Needless to say, my cousins and I packed up and left at first light. I have been back to the area of the incident two or three times in the last 20 to 25 years and have run into no problems.” Rick S.

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