Werewolf of Meridian Park

“I always have known the supernatural exists. I didn’t want to believe it., but then I saw a huge werewolf. I was walking through Meridian State Park, hiking around the lake. It was almost dusk, and I knew I would not make it back to my cabin before dark settled over the park. As I got closer to the bee caves, about halfway around the lake. I saw a huge shadow. Thinking it was probably a large man, I continued walking with my head down, hoping I wouldn’t trip over a root or rock.

Soon I noticed a huffing sound behind me. I looked back and saw a great big beast behind me. I began to run as fast as I could. I screamed at the top of my voice. I was almost back to the campsite. I ran into the clearing still screaming. My boyfriend ran to me, thinking I was hurt. As he held onto me, only one word came from my mouth, “Werewolf!” Of course no one believed me, and of course, the giant wolfman was gone.

The next day my boyfriend and I hiked the circumference of the lake together. When we reached the bee caves, I began to feel my chest tighten. A short way past the caves, my boyfriend said, “Wait a moment.”

He kneeled down. There on the ground was the largest pawprint I’d ever seen. David said, “That’s no dog print, nor is it a bear paw print. It’s time to go home.” We left and didn’t look back. That was the summer of 1977. I’ve never gone back.”- Laura K.

Thank you, Laura.  Have any of you ever seen anything like this before?

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