Texas Teen Stabs His Friend, Blames Ouija Board for Attack

Last month, A teenager from Weslaco, Texas was seriously injured after being stabbed by his friend. The victim, who was 14 years old, was hanging out with friends in a wooded area near their high school when the 15-year-old friend allegedly attacked him with a knife.
The victim was rushed to the hospital and spent three days in the ICU recovering from the wound. The alleged attacker was arrested.

During his arrest, the alleged attacker surprised police by claiming that the Ouija board had made him commit the crime. According to the police, the 15-year-old believed that the Ouija board had advised him that his friend was the source of his problems. This board game, now owned by Hasbro, is often used to create a fearful atmosphere, this was all too real for the 14-year-old victim in Weslaco.

The 15-year-old is being held at a juvenile detention center in Edinburg, Texas.

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