Mysterious Creature Lands On Rooftop (Donna, TX)

I was watching television at around 2 am last night (9-1-2020).  At the moment I’m living in an RV while my home is under construction.  I heard multiple gunshots down Midway Rd in Donna, TX.  After 10 minutes or so, my dogs started barking.  If you have dogs you know the difference when they are barking at animals or something more aggressive or evil.

Whatever it was, it landed on my rooftop and my whole trailer shook.  So my first instinct was to get my AR.  So I did and waited for whatever it was to walk or move while I had my rifle pointing upwards the ceiling.  I was locked and loaded.  My plan was to shoot up the roof from the inside out if I heard footsteps.

After a minute or so, nothing,  just a loud flap.  I went outside to check it out and my dogs were barking towards the sky.  So today, I started investigating, talking to my neighbors.  One said he heard a dragging noise down Midway Rd 2 blocks north of 18th St. at 1.35 am or so.  He said it was a dragging-like noise and it sounded rough.  Like nothing he had ever heard before in his life. No visual whatsoever.

After 20 minutes or so, multiple gunshots were heard which was at the same time whatever it was landed on my rooftop.  The other neighbor said his dog was acting up, crying and barking aggressively at the same time as well.  Also,  at approximately 4.35 am coyotes started acting up, crying and howling .. so after I got a little information making sure I wasn’t crazy or hearing things, I went back to my trailer to check the rooftop and there were 2 indentations on top where it landed.   Whatever it was I know for a fact we are not alone and there are creatures of the night out there..Be safe… – Anonymous


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