Horrifying Creature on the road – East Texas

A man travelling through Texas recounts the time he saw a horrifying creature on the road.

“Okay, I have a story about a Skinwalker, a Sin-Eater, and a story about both together at the same time. I’ll start with the Skinwalker and maybe do the other two later on.
It was 1995, I had just graduated High School, an old friend who I haven’t talked to in 7 years now and I were hanging out and I said, “Let’s go to New Orleans.” And we did. We had $140 between us and back then that was more than enough. We made it New Orleans, almost died from culture shock, and turned around and headed to Magnolia, MS to get some sleep. We stayed at Magnolia Inn, it was a shit hole, but it was nice and cool. It was May or June, in south MS; cool was the only adjective that mattered. We stayed up that night playing poker, drinking Gordon’s vodka, and talking about who knows what. Probably girls, college, and college girls. At some point I said, “Ever been to Texas?” “Nope.” “Pack your bag and let’s roll.” We had a road atlas; Marshall, TX was right across the border from Shreveport.

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Doppelgänger story from San Antonio, TX

Here’s a doppelgänger story from San Antonio, TX

“I was staying at my Aunt and Uncle’s house for the weekend. Upon entrance to the house, there is a small room. To the right is an entrance to the living room, while there is an entrance to the kitchen across from it. The kitchen has the only door to the backyard within it. If you look straight from the front door, there is a set of wooden ladders. After about 10 steps up, the stairs stop and continue to the left. If you follow to the left, you will come to a hallway after passing some more steps. To the left side of the hallway is the master bedroom and bathroom and on the right side is my cousin Drina’s room and the guestroom (where I stayed over). However, if you follow to the right, there is a wall-sized mirror that I particularly dislike.

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Ouija Board to Blame for Alleged Attempted Murder

This story comes to us from the Huffington Post Weird News 

Ouija Board to Blame for Murder

Lisa Baca Regular contributor, Strange Times U.S.A

A peculiar criminal defense is making its way around the internet, and while the insanity plea is nothing new, the specifics of this unique case are virtually unheard of.

Last month a Texas teen was allegedly stabbed in the abdomen by his long-time friend, a 15-year-old whom he attended high school with. The near fatal wound caused intestinal lacerations, leaving the victim to recover in the intensive care unit of his local hospital for three days.

Police were shocked to find out the details of the attack, one factor in particular that included a Ouija Board. The ever-so-popular board game has made its way into American pop-culture throughout the years, and is primarily used in the same manner as ghost stories around campfires; to create an atmosphere of fear.

ouija board

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The Haunted Train of Aquilla, TX

The Haunted Train of Aquilla, TX

“A long time ago, back in the day the small town of Aquilla was burnt to the ground two times due to trains throwing sparks as they rode through.

In the town there were many train tracks but because of the fires, they were then removed so the townspeople could be safe and so that they wouldn’t have to deal with such fires anymore.

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Visited the Spaghetti Warehouse in Houston, TX

Have you ever been to the Spaghetti Warehouse in Houston, TX?

“If you are visiting Houston, Texas and you’re looking to have a good meal, The Spaghetti Warehouse is a great place to eat.

Especially if you are looking to see some ghosts as well! This is one of the most well-known haunted areas in Texas today. This is one of the main reasons that people will eat here.

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The Driskill Hotel in Austin, TX

The Driskill Hotel in Austin, TX

“The next time you are in Texas and you are looking for a hotel to stay in, make it the Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas! This is said to be one of the most haunted place in Texas today and while haunted, it’s still very elegant and cozy.

It is said that there are two known ghosts in the lobby of the hotel, a room with haunted mirrors as well as a ghost security guard upstairs.

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La Lechuza


“At night in South Texas, especially under a big moon, things start moving.

Deer begin grazing, coarse-haired feral hogs emerge from the brush to steal corn from game feeders on the big ranches, five-foot rattlesnakes slide from their lair, the sensors on their arrowhead-shaped heads looking for warm meat. And sometimes, an owl spreads its wide wings and flies from its roost looking for prey.

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