Retired Police Officer Sees Strange Glowing Light In Field

“I was patrolling northbound one night about 3 am on Inspiration road, north of Military Road, 3 miles north of the Mexican border. I saw a strange bright light emitting from a large tree that was on a crop field. I saw it glowing very bright. It was like an upside-down bbq pit that was just getting started. I parked my patrol car. I went forward, reverse and looked opposite to see if it was a reflection. There was nothing beyond just mesquite brush. There was a dirt road that connected Schuerbach Road and I took it. As I neared the light, I saw it directly under the tree limbs. That thing was so bright. I was about 30 ft away from it when I decided to call it over the radio.

One of my dinosaur sergeants came over the radio and said, ten four it’s gonna go away when u get closer. It only happens once a year during winter. I was freaked. This guy had seen it too. I wasn’t surprised. You see lots of weird unexplainable things working nite shift. Especially in Mission along the Mex border. Sure enough, the light went out as i got within 10ft. I checked the ground with my flashlight and the tree, there was nothing burnt. But it was even freakier because it was freakin cold directly under the tree. Like 20 degrees whereas it was an 80degree nite. I never saw it again. Sgt later met with me and pointed out the same tree. He had seen it a few times in his 20years. Crazy, but real story.” -Retired Police Officer

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