Scary Time Slip on Highway 281

“This happened to my husband and I coming back from San Antonio. We were driving the desolated Highway 281 between Premont and Ben Bolt where 141 meets with 281 and I called it desolated cause all the trip back we barely saw a car or 2 driving the opposite lane and every other 18 wheelers passing us. Well, close to that area the dashboard gauges started to move like crazy and my husband started to freak out in disbelief. I was so scared our truck was going to quit on us and still, we had a long way off to get home. It must have been like 3 in the afternoon and a perfect sunny day. And to make matters worse, it was Sunday so we could barely see a living soul driving past us. Well to make a long story short as we were driving close to Highway 141, all of a sudden a big whirlwind mix of dirt and wind started to form in the middle of Highway 281 and started to approach us.

I was so scared by the time we penetrated this whirlwind cause my husband was driving at full speed, he didn’t have time to veer to the other lane. So all of a sudden we felt like when you’re inside an automatic car wash even though we were driving fast. It felt like the truck slowed down and all around the windows, we could not see anything just dirt around the truck. It must have been a total of like 30 seconds and then we exit the whirlwind and everything returned to normal. The whirlwind disintegrated and we were back to a clear sunny afternoon. Or that’s what we thought because all of a sudden I glanced at my hand watch and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked at the time. It said 6:25 p.m. and me thinking my watch was wrong I checked my cellphone clock and it read the same time. So flabbergasted, I turn to my husband and he was looking at me the same like trying to tell me what the heck happened. I was so horrified we couldn’t account for almost 3 1/2 hours missing. We were expecting to arrive home at 5 p.m. We arrived almost at 9 p.m. What happened to us?  I don’t want to sound crazy, but that whirlwind must have been a time vortex we penetrated or that’s what we think. Could the government be using Highway 281 as an experiment or something we don’t know? All we know is we were scared for days. Has anyone had any similar experience?” – Laura

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