“Those Were Not Headlights…” (Bragg Road)

“So we had went on a trip to Galveston and my mom and I are huge fans of the paranormal so we decided to stop at Bragg Road on the way home. After hours of driving, with the sun falling quick, we made it to the beginning of Bragg Road where the “Ghost Road” sign stood. I remember being super excited and anxious. I was riding with my best friend with my mom driving her car in front of us. My best friend and I thought it would be cheeky to play some creepy music as we drove down the road.

I started getting an uncomfortable feeling halfway down the road and BOOM my mom’s tire completely blew off the rim. So here we are, in the middle of this supposedly haunted ghost road completely stranded and it’s already pitch dark. So I hop out of the cars fast, because I have no sense of fear apparently, and I run to my mom’s car wondering what happened. She steps out and explains that her tire blew off and my dad gets out to change it. As me and my dad are getting all of the suitcases and ocean floats out of the car to get to the spare donut I hear my mom gasp loudly and exclaim “THE LIGHT!!!!”

So I immediately drop what I’m doing and look in the area she’s pointing at and sure enough like 15 feet in front of us in this black void is a white light just hovering ominously. We instantly start snapping photos and videos (will be posted) after a couple of minutes of excitement the light just vanishes and we start expressing our excitement and I notice my dad shining his flashlight into the woods. “I hear something walking around,” he says after I ask what he’s looking for.

That’s huge because my dad is a huge skeptic for anything paranormal. After a couple of moments of my dad getting back to work, I hear my best friend yell “It’s back! it’s behind my truck!” So we and my mom immediately spring over to her truck and sure enough right down the road is the same light again just hovering over the road. We snap more pictures and videos. My dad huffs “They’re headlights” but me and my mom know this light isn’t headlights.

The light pops up ahead of my mom’s car again and we get super excited, come to find out this set was actually headlights but the strange thing about these headlights was as soon as we saw them we heard the rocks being pushed by their tires and the car passed, and it being a straight road you would see the cars if any of the lights were headlights because there are not ANY turn-offs on this straight dirt road. After the car passes my dad keeps mumbling that the whole time they were headlights and me and my mom were excited for nothing and he gets the tire all fixed up and we head out on our way. I get a text from my mom after we pull away. “I have major chills, those were not headlights…” that is a night I will never forget and I definitely recommend taking yourself down there and getting your own experience!”-Chloe M.


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