Haunted San Juan Hotel

In December of 2018 my wife, family, and friends decided to go to the abandoned hotel in San Juan late at night. We all left in one vehicle, once we got there my friends and I decided to get off and explore around, my wife and cousins stayed in the truck and waited until we got back. It was very dark, and had to be careful since there was a lot of broken stuff around the place, while we were going up the stairs I felt someone or something pull my shirt trying to pull me down the stairs, when we got to the main floor my friends and I suddenly heard the alarm of the truck go off and I immediately texted my wife to see what was going on, as soon as we heard the alarm we looked up and saw a person who looked like a bell boy in the middle of what was the lobby.

We all left running back to the truck but left our separate ways. When we got to the truck I asked my wife again why the alarm in the truck went off and she said that they were in the truck the whole time and nothing went off. One of my cousins said that she saw a black figure behind me as I was going up the stairs and once she said that I explained to her that I felt someone pull my shirt.  She said the black figure was following me. After that, we all went home and we never went back to see the hotel. – Gonzalez


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