The Creepy History of the Haunted ‘Midget Mansion’ in Texas (VIDEO)

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The Creepy History of the Haunted ‘Midget Mansion’ in Texas 

August 26, 2015
By Afarin Majidi

The Gillespie Mansion in San Antonio, Texas is better known as the “Midget Mansion” for a reason. The legend is that in the 1920s a very wealthy family moved into town after the father of the two made a fortune appearing in Hollywood movies as a little person. His wife was also a little person but they had two regular sized daughters.

Mr. Gillespie was always offended to live in houses that were built for regular sized people so he spent tons of money building a tiny mansion, complete with low walls for short people, tiny doorknobs situated low and yes, even tiny toilets. He also built tiny houses along the property, which were to serve as servants’ quarters. Despite the small features in these adjacent homes, Mr. Gillespie hired regular sized servants and housekeepers.

Soon, everyone knew about how abusive the Gillespies were towards their housekeepers, who were not only treated badly but were confined to small spaces not intended for their regular size

There are two versions of how the story about the “Midget Mansion” ends, and no one will really ever know which is the truth beyond the fact that many mangled bodies were found later.

The first version is that the father went crazy and attacked his entire family, cutting their throats and dragging them, one by one into an upstairs closet where he left them. After he murdered his family, the father ended his own life with a gun. Evidently, the family members were not dead after being stuffed into the closet. When authorities discovered their bodies several days later, they also found that notes written in blood were on the walls along with marks from where they had scratched the walls trying to escape.

The second version of the story is that one servant finally snapped after being abused for so long: He lit the “Midget Mansion” on fire. He then attacked the family with an ax. The servant took the half-dead bodies and put them in a closet. He then committed suicide with the father’s gun. After the fire was put out by firefighters, they found the bodies of the family and the servant and tried to figure out what had happened.

Today, the house still stands and doesn’t look as if it’s survived a fire, even though the legend is still repeated despite this fact.

Locals swear that they often hear the sounds of scratching coming from inside the walls. The noises are most prominent near the closet where the mangled family died according to both accounts. Some locals say they’ve heard screaming coming from the house, even though it’s sat vacant for many years They also say they’ve seen figures moving through the empty house.

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