Small Spaceship Hovers Over Port Lavaca, Texas

“Well, my story isn’t a horror story, but I had to tell it. Not sure if anyone saw it that night when I did, but here I go.

It was a beautiful night in Port Lavaca, Texas. I was up with my brothers running around the living room of my grandma’s house, I stopped to rest and put out my face against the screen window to get some fresh air that was blowing. I looked up at the stars that night it was so amazing when I noticed something moving. I figured it was a shooting star, but it wasn’t, it seemed to be coming down and closer. When it finally passed by the window, I was amazed at what I was seeing.

It was a bright white light, I looked closer to see it was a small spaceship, it passed by and went over trees across the street and made its way back down. I never went to investigate, but after time passed, I grew up and still wondered, what was that? I went driving by with my family and noticed there was a little storage building on wheels, it had a hole on top and the side like something crashed in and out. That the storage building isn’t there anymore, but I still wonder about that night I witnessed that.”

By Simon B.

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