Marshall, Texas is littered with reports about the paranormal and supernatural.

Check out what Becky had to say about Marshall, TX.

“If you want to scare someone, you take them down Stagecoach Road. At night you stop the car, roll down the windows, and turn off the lights. The very last time I was there, we did this. We then felt the back end of the truck go down, like something was stepping on the back bumper.

The next morning, when we went out to the truck, the back window was covered in red dust (from the road) except for the dozen or so tiny handprints all over the window. We didn’t have any tiny humans that could have made the tiny handprints. I’ve never gone down that road again.”

Submitted by Becky Crenshaw, Facebook.

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2 Comments on “Stagecoach Road in Marshall, TX”

  1. When I was younger, about four years ago a few friends of mine wanted to walk down the road, I agreed to it it was about 2AM.
    Constantly it felt like the wind was pulling at our clothes, we walked a few miles and two of my friends started to get very panicked, crying. After that there was a loud noise, and it sounded like someone was crying but both of my friends had stopped. We ran away from the road.

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