“La lechuza has also been spotted in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Many people from that area report seeing a big bird with big wings who steals babies. My husband, who’s from Venado San Luis Potosi, Mexico, says when he was 10 years old he and his grandmother, uncle, aunt, younger sister, and their four-week-old baby cousin were coming back from a festival and arrived home late at night. When they were getting out of the truck they were riding in they heard a loud whistle from a light post close by.

When they looked up they saw this big black bird with big wings and an old lady-like face standing on top of that post. They knew right away what it was and what it wanted. That’s when my husband’s Grandmother and Uncle told his Aunt to stay in the trunk with the baby and ordered him and his younger sister to go inside the house. His sister did as was told, but he stayed and watched in shock. When his Grandmother asked it what it wanted and why it was there, it replied with a deep lady-like voice saying, “You know what I want. I want the baby.” That’s when his Grandmother said, “NO!” and started to curse it and told it to leave. That’s when it broke out in laughter and opened its large wings and flew away.

It is said to be a witch, whom with witchcraft, can transform into any animal, but apparently, they (witches) like to transform into this bird-like creature but have also been known to transform into any creature. My parents are from San Luis Potosi, as well, not from the same town as my husband but the same state and they also tell many similar stories like this one. It’s very hard to believe but it’s even more difficult to not believe with so many people having similar stories and eyewitnesses all around Mexico giving the same account of these type of incidents. It is what it is, we live in a world of so many mysteries.” – Mary

What do you know about the legendary Lechuza?  Have any of you ever seen anything like this before?

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2 Comments on ““You know what I want. I want the baby.” (Lechuza Of San Luis Potosi, Mexico)”

  1. I’m known as “TheDemonhunter.” I am very interested in your quests to pursue these stories. I can help. This is what I do. I’ll be in touch again very soon

  2. My father grew up in rural Gonzalez Texas. When he was about 12 yrs old , he and his Uncle Alex and 3 or 4 of his brothers ( he had 10) were walking up the dirt road leading up to the house. All of a sudden La Lechuza made her presence. My Great Uncle told the boys to run up to the house. They did only to turn back to see Uncle Alex in a huge fight with an owl. My dad said after several minutes my Great Uncle was able to put the Owl between his legs and broke it’s wing. The owl scampered of with what seemed as a screech or cry. When my Great Uncle got to the house he had been scratch by the Owl’s talons. They cleaned him up and he said. When I was fighting with the Owl she seemed to be laughing during the struggle and that laugh sounded like Mary who works at the beer joint downtown. So off they went into town to search for” Mary “. They asked the bartender for Mary and he said she was not working tonite because some one beat her up. They looked at each other in shock. They went upstairs knocked on her door ( maybe she was a prostitute) and she answered the door beat up and with a broken arm. My father has never deviated from this story. He was a believer in La Lechuza. !!! This was about 1940.

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