Glowing Ghost Lady Of The Guadalupe River

“I was about 6yrs old then, so 20 yrs ago. My family went on a camping trip to the Guadalupe River with a lot of my uncles and their families too, a lot of cousins my age 5-12 yrs old. I remember passing Houston from Baytown and going into the “park area” where there were small bridges. We all stopped at a spot that was open for camping near the river bank, on the other side of the river was a huge cliff wall.

So that night the stars were out, not sure if it was a full moon or not. About 10 of us kids all cousins were playing tag or some running game, we ran down to the river and chased each other. As we were playing, someone started to cry by the river, I followed my cousins down to the river to see who hurt themselves and fell down. When we got down to the river to my far right about 150′ away was a woman glowing a whitish blue wearing a white gown floating on the river. Me and my cousins screamed and all ran back to camp.

To this dayI’m certain my sister saw her and at least 5 other kids saw her too at the same time. I think we told our parents but no one believed us” – Julio A

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