Duende Dreams Comes True – Donna, Texas

This happened in 2014, in the small town of Donna, Texas. I was having a recurring nightmare every night for 4 nights in a row. We reside next to a cemetery, so it’s not unusual to experience inexplicable, “paranormal activities” in the home or its surrounding areas. So, the dream was of the Mexican folktale “Duendes” I grew up with stories of these mythological creatures. I thought they were cute and funny. Until they appeared to me in my sleep. Chasing me around our big oak tree and almost catching me. These creatures didn’t appear to have a face, they were little and dressed in black robe-like attire. I remember they had tiny hands with sharp nails and tiny bare feet.

Each dream is alike, but more intense than the last. I’d wake up dripping in cold sweat every day that week. On the 4th night, my husband wakes me up before the cold sweats do, and exasperated asks, “What happened here, what happened to the bed?” I look and see, dirt on our bed. He uncovers my legs, looks at my feet, and sees a small oak leaf stuck in between my toes. He takes it off and asks if I was outside. I replied, In my dream yes. He says, “Babe that was no dream you’ve been having”… after that day he barricaded and secured our bedroom door. Till this day I still don’t know if I was sleepwalking/dreaming, or if my body was temporarily possessed at night by these creatures who wanted to toy with me. – Chrystal H

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