Unknown Reptilian-Like Creature Emerges From Pond (Odessa, TX)

“Many years ago, my brother, his girlfriend, and I went out to a place he knew about near Odessa.  He called it a “personal oasis”.  It was a pond or wetland area.  Maybe a playa lake.  So we were there for around an hour.  My brother swam or waded in the water.  So later something stirred in the water and bubbles came up.

All of a sudden a reptilian looking creature came up and crawled out on the other side (thank goodness) of the water but started walking slowly around, circling towards us.  We all, mouths open I’m sure, froze and stared.

Finally, we snapped out of it and decided it was time to go.  We left frantic.  Yelling to each other, “What was it?!” My brother knew the person who owned the property.  I never found out what it was.  It was dark, but starlight and distance city light outlined a large croc-shaped body only the back was not flat but large ridged back.  Like it was a large short fat creature.  It was not long like a croc or gator.  It looked prehistoric.  Hope someone can shed some light. Thanks.”- kelly

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