Mutating figure changes man’s life – Edinburg, Texas

Hi, my name is Jose, this is my story and what led me to believe in the paranormal. A group of friends and I created a team dedicated to the investigation of the paranormal to help people with similar problems. I grew up in Edinburg Texas. I must of had been at least 12 years old. My parents had rented a house there for us to live in while my dad was building our home. We didn’t last very long there, at the most probably 6 months. There was nothing abnormal about the house when we moved in but, as the days passed, things started to change.

Sometimes, I would be taking a bath and the light would turn off. Also, I would be in the restroom brushing my teeth and the shower would turn on. At other times I would be watching TV in my room and the door would open and when I would get up and see which one of my brothers it was, I would find myself starring down an empty hall and no one was there.

At night I thought my mom was in the kitchen because of the noises I would hear and when I would go and check it out, the lights were off and the kitchen and living room were completely dark only the light of the moon would brighten the floor as it passed through the window curtains creating a window image. This happened so many times. it didn’t bother me much, well maybe just a little, I didn’t know anything about spirits or haunts or anything like that I was an active kid and being the oldest of my brothers, my dad expected the best of me. Many days like these came and went. So I was getting used to this activity.

One night things changed for me. I was tucked in bed and I could not fall asleep. I could see the light of the moon lighten up the bedroom floor and the wind slowly moving the curtains as if it were dancing with the breeze that passed through the window but the rest of the room was dark. I remember that i had a lighter nearby so i started flickering it and sparking the room so I could see the bedroom ceiling light up. After a while of doing this, I started to feel sleepy and so I closed my eyes and slowly drifted to sleep. Minutes later I felt as if someone had touched me on my forehead and I opened my eyes.

Woooow what I saw that night still scares me to this very day! I saw a white face inches from my face starring at my eyes as i opened them!! I literally jumped out of my bed and screamed from the top of my lungs for my dad and mom!! My brothers were with me in the same room but for some reason they could not hear me. I tried waking them up for what seemed like minutes. As I’m doing this I see this figure in the middle of the room standing looking at me as I screamed for help. Out of no where this thing drops to the floor loosing its human like form and turn into what seemed to be a pitch black, silk sheet. It was there moving in circular motion in the middle of the room and from side to side as it taunted me. I was cornered and was standing in the corner of my bed against the wall.

By then one of my brothers wakes up and sees me and I point to what I was looking at. By then he said “what is that !!” i said “I don’t know.” we started calling our parents. I mean we were literally screaming for our parents. Suddenly this thing goes under our bed and shakes it to the point that we almost fell off but we ran towards the other bed across the room where one of my smaller brothers was. He was smaller but he too stills remembers this scary night. Anyways, as we are looking at the bed we jumped from, we saw this thing come out from our bed slowly gliding on the floor. It had no arms nor legs it was just a pitch black dark silk figure. It went to the center of the room and circled a couple of times and when we thought it was coming toward us, it backed away and went under the door to the closet. Just then, my dad came in. Wow what a relief!!

We were all standing on my other brothers bed and we told my dad what happened and what we saw and told him that it was in the closet. As he opened the door to the closet I expected for that thing to come out!! But no, nothing, nada!! My dad told us that we are kids and our imagination plays with us and alters our minds to the point that we think that they are real. But hell no!! It may sound crazy but I know what I saw and my brothers do too. I think we stayed there a couple of months until we moved out. Things still happened at that house and I was a little more afraid cause I expected for that thing to come out again for the remainder of the time that we stayed there. Sometimes at night when I felt things and I would feel someone close to me I would just hold on tight to my sheets, keep my eyes shut just in case something would happen.

Many years have passed since that night and I still have those vivid images in my head as if it were yesterday. I’m already 41 years old. So, one night after all these years I talked to my dad about that night and he admitted that there was something lurking in that house he said that he would always feel things in the house. Things always seemed to happen with for no apparent reason. He said doors would open by themselves, lights would turn on by themselves, weird sounds in the kitchen would wake him up. So I asked my dad why did we stay there all this time.. And he said that it was all he could afford to give us at the time. He has strong faith in God and I do too. God helps you in so many ways that you just can’t imagine.

The paranormal world is here and even though there are people that don’t believe in these things it doesn’t mean they know better. Some people are more sensitive than others to spirits or the paranormal. These things are not normal. So please everyone, when your son or daughter tells you something, please listen and try to find a way to help them. It’s not easy for us as adults to imagine these things happening to our kids. If anyone needs help feel free to contact me. My group and I do paranormal investigations and we are waiting to help out. Hope you like my story, thanks for your time.

PS If you still wonder what I saw that night, I think I saw the angel of death, come on!  I was a kid I didn’t know better but as I got older and I recollect those memories I know what I saw… Why did it choose to get so close to my face? I don’t know. I still don’t. But you know what? the curiosity of this to me, takes me to a different level of challenge that many wish to stay away from. But not me, I want to find out what is out there! Spirits, ghosts, unexplained things, demonic entities, poltergeist. I like to hear them talk when we catch them on EVP. Anyway, what happens when we die and what we become when we leave our human body, we may never know…

Submitted by Jose

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