Living with a Mexican Witch

“What I am about to tell you will sound incredibly strange. My common-law wife is a Mexican witch who turns into a Lechuza. She used to put hexes on people, but I have made her stop most of this behavior. She has even caused serious car accidents in the past.

I recently interviewed her about her transformation and other aspects of her powers. According to her, she has to remove all her clothes before she can transform. She also mentions that she doesn’t enjoy transforming because her body aches afterward.

Whenever I leave on my bicycle, I often notice a white owl that seems to be following me. I lived in this city for 15 years before I met my wife, and I never saw these owls in the city. However, now I see them frequently, in bizarre and unlikely places, particularly on nights when we have a fight and I leave.

During my nighttime outdoor exercises, I sometimes ask her to please not follow me in the air, as it invades my privacy. When I took a vacation on the other side of the country to visit my mother, I noticed for the first time that there was no presence in the air or the feeling of being watched. My wife informed me that she is unable to travel that far with her powers.

In conclusion, my wife is an authentic Mexican witch and Lechuza. Although I am glad that she has stopped most of her involvement, it is still a strange and unique situation to be in.”- Jamey


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