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“This story I heard from a co-worker. He says his uncle swears it’s true like the blue sea. I will relate this story from my coworker’s uncle point of view:


When I was in my early teens I used to play football for McAllen High School Bulldogs and sometimes we played away. One Friday night after a football game we played in Laredo, Texas, we were coming back home on the school bus and after passing Roma, Texas before getting to Alto Bonito, the bus stopped at a red light.

Suddenly, I heard a big commotion in the bus and everybody was looking out the windows pointing outside. I got to look and saw a lady not walking, but floating in the air with blue jeans all torn and her red shirt was also torn. Her hair was all messed up and she seemed to be all beaten up. She started to howl a blood curdling howl that made our skin get filled with goose bumps.

All of a sudden, everyone locked the windows of each seat. The driver just sped off from there fast. Weeks later, I started to investigate about that creepy phantom, but couldn’t come up with anything. This happened back in the 70’s when highway 83 was a desolated highway on that area and not too many cars transited thru there. Has anyone else had or happened to cross her path? – Jose

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