The Hangman Figure of La Homa Road (Mission, TX)

This next story comes to us from Casey out of Mission, TX.  He currently lives on what is becoming one of the most infamous roads in all of Texas, La Homa Road.  Check out Casey’s story.

“I live on La Homa Road in Mission TX.  I moved in 3 years ago with my wife and mother in law.  This year my wife and I have experienced awkward sightings and noises after I moved in, here are some of those experiences.

First of all, my wife has always been sensitive to the spirit world.  She has an ability to see ghosts.  One day, as she was showering, she looked over to the small window which happened to be open just enough for her to see outside.


She noticed a weird figure of some sort, as if a person was hanging.  She called it a “hangman” figure.

It was looking directly at her through the window.  We also have a light post in the back yard which brightly lit up the area where the figure was standing before the figure suddenly disappeared.  It was almost as if the figure used the energy from the light to manifest itself.

Anyways, the following day the light was popped and we haven’t changed it ever since, this just happened last week.” – Casey

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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