Ghosts Of Valley Baptist Medical (Harlingen, TX)

“In 2019 my daughter was admitted to the fourth floor. One night while she was talking to a nurse the shower turned on by itself, they both looked at each other.  So the nurse walks in and turns it off.  A little while longer, it happened again and the room smelled like someone had been smoking.  The nurse told us that it happens often and that sometimes when the room is empty the call button comes on and they see someone sticking their head out the door.  After the shower incident and the strong smell of cigarettes, they had to move my daughter to another room… the nurse said they try and leave that room empty because of everything that has happened there, but unfortunately, sometimes they have to use it.” -Rachel

“In 1996 was doing my clinical there at Valley Baptist Medical Center.  I was working in acute ER when I was asked to take a sample to the lab on the second floor of the east wing. When I went to that floor it was closed for construction and dark.  I had to pass through corridors to get to the lab.  I could see the exit light and a light further down the hall.  Then the doors behind me closed.  I could hear footsteps behind me so I stopped and looked back, but saw nothing, so continued forward.  I heard more footsteps, looked back, and saw something move like into a dark room.  So thinking someone was playing with me I went back to check.   I saw a shadow of someone further back dart into another room.  By then I turned, walked fast, almost running to the double doors where the lab was and the guy there asked me why was I pale and out of breath.  I told him, then he told me about the nurse so he and his coworker walked back with me with a flashlight and we checked the door to the rooms and they were all locked.  When I made it back downstairs they told me too. I never went back to that part of the hospital.” -Cheryl R.

” (VBMC) Well, 15 years ago when we had our last son at that hospital, I believe the maternity floor was on the 3rd floor. My husband and I woke up to knocks on the window around 3 am.  We didn’t even want to look out.” -Maria D.

“I used to work across street from the hospital with an ob/gym group.  I did know about the ghost nurse, but I also found out by a night custodian who worked there about my doctor that had passed away from a heart attack and was seen walking down the halls in the same clothes that were in a picture they had in the lobby.  She didn’t know he had passed until she told us when she saw him.  She was scared and after that, she saw his picture and she didn’t want to work there after that .”-Margie

“First of all, there is no basement at valley Baptist medical center in Harlingen. Trust me, I completed a year working there from graveyard shifts, evening shifts now morning shifts. I’ve had a couple of scares myself when I first started working there. Elevators 4 & 5 in the central tower the doors would automatically open and close by themselves and no one would be around. You can smell cigarette passing through there at night. One time as I was doing my nightly rounds up in 2nd central I was fairly new I got lost being that the hospital is big. I heard someone or something whistle at me as I stood there in disbelief and scared. I returned back to our office.

Another time I was going up elevator 5 4th central to do my round. Mind you, 4th central has been closed off for many years not sure as to why but it’s completely closed off. As I’m getting off the elevator I hear a loud snore like if someone was sleeping in one of the rooms. The unit is completely pitch black except for the lighting by the elevator. I start unlocking all the doors trying to find out who was there asleep. Didn’t find anyone but still heard loud snoring. As I quickly did my patrol I get back to the elevator and the door did not want to open. I’m there panicking so I push the button and elevator 4 door opens up. As I quickly got in I push the button to take me back down to the 1st floor.

I instantly feel something touch the inside of my palm. I’m still pushing the button so the door can close and nothing. Few minutes later elevator 5 door opens up like nothing. I said to myself, screw this and entered 4th central dialysis. I’ve had nurses in 4th East tower pediatric tell me they seen ghosts at the end of the hallway leading towards the stairwell. Day surgery is pretty creepy at night. You can feel like someone is watching you. Some of the nurses are scared to go into the nursery during the night by themselves. I’m a true believer in ghosts.” -Erica

“About 5 years ago my Mother-In-Law had back surgery and she was placed at the rehab facility inside the hospital. I was allowed to stay with her overnight in case she needed anything. I remember one night my husband came by the hospital to drop off some snacks for me. I went down to the lobby to meet him there. It was around midnight and he walked me to the elevator to get back to her room.

The elevator that takes you to the rehab wing is pretty hidden and scary to begin with, as we were turning the corner to get to the elevator we heard it ding so we ran so we could catch it before it went up. The door was just opening when we got to it but no one was around, we looked everywhere. When I got inside the elevator we heard whispers and we both looked at each other and I guess he saw I looked really scared so he took me all the way up to his Mom’s room. My Mother-In-Law stayed in rehab for a month and a half but from that night on I never wandered around that hospital at night.” -Ann

“I was there for 3-4 days I couldn’t sleep and when I finally did… I woke up in a daze because someone was standing next to my bed I couldn’t make out who it was. They rubbed my head and then laid next to me. It was an adult girl, I thought it was my sister, then I dozed off and woke up in the morning when my parents came into my room. I asked them if my sister had come to see me and they said, “No she’s out of town.” I told them about a girl laying next to me they said, huh how weird” -JB

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