Monster of Cedar Hill

“This may be too big of a post and it kind of spans out over a good chunk of Texas throughout the years, but I don’t really get an outlet for these things so I will include everything with every detail as I can remember them. I would say the first weird, or remotely scary, things that started happening when my family soon moved here from Missouri, was in Cedar Hill.

For the first few years we lived there, everything was pretty uneventful. The area we lived in was a nice neighborhood and every house was in close proximity. Your pretty standard suburban neighborhood I would say. We started hearing really weird sounds around our house. Could have easily have been birds, but it sounded like a combination of an electric saw and a cricket chirp. It was so loud that it sounded as if it was coming from the bushes outside the window, but no one in the house ventured out into the night to see what it was. I am surprised if neighbors didn’t hear it. That’s how loud it was.

Cedar Hill Towers

Also, my sister would often sleep in my room because she was scared of the dark and we would sit up and look out of the window toward the infamous radio towers of Cedar Hill. Especially during thunderstorms. One night we were doing our usual thing and I had decided to lay down finally and I noticed my sister wasn’t replying to me, or acknowledging what I was saying so I looked up and she had her head pressed firmly against the screen looking down toward the first floor. I sat up and asked, “What are you looking at?”

She didn’t answer, so I scooted closer to the screen to look where she was looking and noticed a shadow of something dash off toward the alley. A lady behind us had floodlights all around her house as a security precaution. Her son played for the Oakland Raiders and for some reason people would harass her or vandalize her home. So, there was plenty of light in our driveway, and even the side of the house, just from her lights. I didn’t see what it was, but it moved fast and the shadow that was cast on the neighbor’s house was almost moving like as if whatever it was floated off as opposed to ran. If that makes sense.

The next day, I asked my sister what she had seen and she described a weird creature she had never seen before. She said it had big eyes, fangs, and something came out of its mouth. YEARS later, I had stumbled across a book about Chupacabras and the image of that thing matched what my sister claimed she saw. I ask her about it today as adults, and she doesn’t remember.

Fast forward a bit more. Our house wasn’t haunted and I wouldn’t ever consider these next two events to be considered a haunting, but they are creepy. My mom had called me downstairs one night and called me into her room. I walk in and on her TV over and over it said, “Shawn did it. Shawn did it. Shawn Did it. Shawn did…” Her and my dad asked me if I did that. And obviously, I didn’t. I had no way of knowing how to do that on a T.V. Even to this day with me being way more tech savvy, I’m unsure of how anyone would actually input just text on the screen.

My sister, still sleeping in my room from fear of the dark, and I would sneak downstairs at night to get food and eat in our rooms because we weren’t allowed to do that. She had got upstairs before I did and again, like the window incident, she was staring at something in my room very intently with a look like “What is that?” on her face. I asked what she was staring at and she looked at me and said, “I don’t know. This thing with big black eyes was standing on your bed and then when it heard you, it sunk down and disappeared.” Needless to say, we slept in her room instead that night.

I don’t know why, but I never told my parents that. I think the last really WEIRD thing I can think of is one day during the beginning of spring when it was still cool enough to have the windows open, I was getting dressed and walking down the stairs. I was just about to pull my shirt over my head. As I looked to my right at one of the open windows and I saw the weirdest set of legs I have ever seen. If I could describe them. They looked like hairless kangaroo/ dog feet, but larger and more stout and bulky. Hell, like a Velociraptor. I would say they looked like that, but not scaly. It looked like skin. I was so shocked and taken back about what I had just seen that I ran and dashed down toward the window to try and see what the hell that was. I couldn’t see anything.

I jumped over the couch and ran straight to the back door. Our fence had blown down from a storm so whatever it was could easily just walk in the backyard. But nothing was there. I was too scared to go outside, but this was broad daylight and in a neighborhood. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Whatever it was looked like it had only two legs, but I never saw the whole thing so I can’t say it was a bipedal creature, but I have never seen legs like that before, or ever again. As far as Cedar Hill goes, that is about it. My cat one night was at the back door and when I opened it, he motioned for me to follow him and I also found guts of a goat from a nearby farm scattered all over the place in this small batch of trees close to the neighborhood, but that was about it.


As I remember. My friend’s grandparents owned some land in Blum, TX. It was about an hour or so south of Cedar Hill. We would go there often for Thanksgiving and get-togethers. One particular Thanksgiving my friend and I decided to visit the neighbor. This was a huge plot of land, but the neighbor’s house and property line were close to theirs, so you could actually see his house from theirs despite both properties taking up many acres. He had told us to be careful because there was a panther around the area. When he said that, he said it kind of as if he was unsure of what he was saying, but I didn’t question it much. We hung around and talked with him and his daughter arrived with her son and he took us up this hill where he and his brother would play hide and seek. We get to the top of the hill and there is a big opening within the trees and what looked like a bunch of dead fish hanging from a clothesline and small trailer home.

On his grandpa’s property. He said it was weird and he had never seen it before. Right at that moment in the tree line, we heard bipedal footsteps closing in on us. We immediately ran down a trail, further from his grandpa’s property. I had no idea where we were going, but I was the fastest and they were behind me following me. Despite us running in fear and potentially for our lives, my friend was screaming and crying that The Blair Witch was behind us and it was going to kill us. He was in tears crying. I, however, was laughing. Telling him that it wasn’t real and it was faked for the movie. “No! It’s not! It’s real and it’s behind us!!”

As I’m laughing I look down this hill and I see my friend’s grandparents house and I see our family and friends outside. So, we slid down. Dropped in said hello and went back to the neighbors. We told him what we had seen and he looked extremely puzzled because no one should have been up there on his property. On this same spot of land, down at the front of the property, was where my other friend and his family lived. He was tired so he left to go walk to his house and he came back shortly later saying that he thinks he saw that Panther. However, he said, “I thought it was a big black dog. It just stared at me. So, I turned back and came back here.” It was only a couple of years ago I learned that here in Texas many people had been seeing black panthers, but ended up being these things called “Dogmen”. I’m not saying my friend didn’t see a Panther, but he specifically said he thought it was a big black dog. I asked him about it a few months ago and he laughed through text said: “Oh, yeah I remember that!” I immediately asked him, “Were you sure it was a panther and not a doglike creature or something?” never answered me. He read the message but never replied.


The last incident on this property was me and my first friend I mentioned. (The one who was sure Blair Witch was gunning for us). We were outside, at night, chilling with our BB Guns when something with some sort of incredibly fast ability darted from some brush, into another set of brush. Almost instantaneously his aunt came out of the house and hurried us inside. I remember she had an attitude like she was scared for us. I don’t know why she did that with such urgency, but her timing was very odd. My sister spent more time there than I did. She said they always heard some crazy weird stuff out there.

Fast forwarding a few years. My dad had lost his job and ended up finding a temporary one in San Antonio. So, of course, we had to move. I read a story on here last night about this weird kid off of Hearne Ave in San Antonio and it reminded me of this. We moved next door to this one weird family. They kept to themselves and I think I hardly ever heard them talk. Their house looked creepy too. It was always the creepiest, darkest house on the block in comparison to the rest. Their son’s name was Nelson, and I only knew that because my sister met him at some point. But she said his dad made him go inside.

The kid wasn’t odd looking, but he had the longest hair I have ever seen any boy have. It was down to his butt and he was maybe the same age as my sister (12 at the time). One time I went over there to see if he wanted to come out and the dad answered and just like the story of Hearne Ave, their house was very dark inside and they only opened the door slightly. I hardly ever even seen them leave. I would see Nelson in the backyard sometimes playing by himself, but he never talked to me. I also want to note that I always heard what sounded like footsteps on my roof. Not on the ceiling, but on the roof. Of course, I never ventured out to see what it was.

The rest of my time there was pretty uneventful as far as spooky stuff goes, but we eventually moved back up to north TX where I now currently reside. The last bit of this involves, of all things, what I believe to have been a Bigfoot. In of all places, Benbrook. Benbrook isn’t a rural area, it has some woods, but it also isn’t deep forest like you’d think would be an ideal place for a Sasquatch. My friends and I would always try and go camping when it got cold and Benbrook was free and for a bunch of teenagers with no money, you can’t beat free.

The original spot we went to ended up becoming pay to stay and we just spent all of our money on hot dogs and booze to drink for our underage shenanigans. So, we found a new spot. My friend was gathering up some wood sometime after the sun went down and he calls to me in a frantic tone. He tells me to bring a flashlight and hurry. So, I do. I leave the rest of our group and run to him which was a short distance away. He had me shine the light way up into the trees. Way higher than 6ft. I asked what the deal was and he said “Dude. I swear I saw something large go from that tree to that tree.” The trees were small. Way too small to hide something large. They were too small to hide a child. So, perhaps whatever it was hit the ground? Maybe it even saw me coming with the light and dashed off? I’ve always been a firm believer in the unexplained and I am not above the existence of a Bigfoot. Gathering information over the years. These things tend to be a lot faster and way more agile than one thinks. They’re also not often far from civilization apparently. Benbrook is not far from Downtown Fort Worth.

If you get to the right spot, you can see Fort Worth. Hardly a deep forested place you’d expect to run into something as large as a Bigfoot. Anyway, back to the story. This new spot was actually pretty cool. So the following year we went back but this time a little further up than where we were. We had seen a huge shooting star and we all cracked jokes about how it was an alien ship. At this moment, we started hearing heavy footsteps in the tree line across the creek from us. Anyone who has ears can hear the difference in bipedal steps and something on 4 legs. This was clearly two legs. It walked around us as much as it could but never coming to the treeline within range of the firelight. It stopped and we never heard it leave. Whatever it was. A homeless person? Some kids? Could have been anything, but it was clearly on two feet.

That pretty much sums up my stories. I hope the post isn’t too long. I have many others, but they occurred outside of Texas. As well do most of the people in my family. I noticed on this site that a lot of stuff seems to be happening in The Valley (Donna, Mcallen, Harlingen). And guess where I gotta go for a wedding next year? Hopefully, that trip will be uneventful and flying humanoid free.”


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