A Family Ghost (Elsa, TX)

“I had an acquaintance whose mother had recently passed away.  Her death was as a result of an illness, yet still quite sudden.  She lived in a trailer by herself and her grown children were tasked with removing her belongings and getting them ready to sell-off.  We were helping her gather the belongings as well as taking pictures for potential buyers.  We went room to room taking pictures and cataloging without any incident.

A week later, we received the pictures back from the developers.  We looked through them in order to choose which ones were the best to showcase when we came upon one single picture.  It was a seemingly completely blackened out picture with what looked like a single lightened piece in the upper left corner of the picture.  We took the picture and digitally lightened it.  We lightened it to the point where the rest of the picture was blown out, save for the bottom right corner.  In the corner of the picture, what remained was an image of a face.

A dark blurry face.  As blurry and dark as it was, you could still make out what looked like eyes, a nose, and a tuft of hair on its head.  What made this picture even more odd was the fact that there was only one person present taking the pictures.  When we brought the pic to the family, they immediately recognized it as their recently deceased mother.

They even recognized her signature hairstyle in the picture.  She was even at the same spot her favorite chair would’ve been in the room.  Needless to say, this made it harder for the family to sell off the former home of their mother.  I wish I still had the picture, but it was left with the family who felt it was best to get rid of it.”-Will

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