Little Ghost Girl (Midland, TX)

“When I was around 3 or 4 I was living at an apartment in Midland near Albertsons and a fitness center on Midland Drive and Wadley. My mom pointed out a story about me as a little boy. I went outside in the middle of the night to play in the park we had at our apartments. It was kinda funny at first then I thought I remembered I saw a little girl out there with me and we played tag that’s why I went outside.

So I asked my mom, “Hey, mom, was there a little girl with me out there?” She said, “No, there wasn’t.” So I just headed on with my day. A couple of weeks later I’m with my dad, we drive by the apartment and he tells me, “I think that place is haunted.” I ask why.  He says, “My cousin used to live there with us and he saw a little girl. He closed his eyes then she was gone.” When he said that I had chills and kinda started tearing up so if any of y’all have any info or live at that apartment, it’s called North Ridge Apartment Homes, please contact me I would really like to know your story thanx.” -Jeff Mihecoby (

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