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True Horror Stories of Texas was created by Paranormal Expert Jon Gonzalez. Jon is a native of Deep South Texas with a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Texas Pan-American with a concentration in TV/Film production. Jon has become a leader and influencer in the realm of paranormal and supernatural activity in Texas. When he is not working on this website, he is in the field investigating and researching the paranormal.

Two years ago he created a Facebook Page as an outlet for people to share their own paranormal experiences, the page grew to over 5,000 followers in 1 year. It was at that time that best friend and Website Designer Rene Villarreal came on board. Rene is also from Alamo, Texas and has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and creates websites part-time. The idea was to take True Horror Stories of Texas from a Facebook Page to a full on website to better archive and illustrate stories for readers with a search function to look them up later. It was also very important to have the ability for readers to be able to submit stories of their own and remain anonymous. After months of working together, the website became a success and in the past two years True Horror Stories of Texas has accumulated nearly 10,000 followers on Facebook and receives 10,000 unique visitors a month to its website.

Jon and Rene have been friends since elementary and have had several paranormal experiences throughout their lives as well as two separate UFO sightings. On one occasion Jon was outside in his back patio at night when a flock of migrating birds in “V” formation flew overhead. This seemed like a regular thing except upon closer inspection, the birds seemed to all have “shocks” coming out of their mouths. It looked like when you are jumping a car and the positive and negative cables make contact or when you are trying to start a lighter. That is what seemed to be coming from their beaks.

Rene has had experiences of his own. One night he experienced windows opening by themselves for no apparent reason. He has also experienced a time lapse. One time when he was a teenager, his mom was driving him home from a friends house. When they arrived in the driveway, the whole drive occurred again.

Jon and Rene have also witnessed two UFOs together. Back in the late 90’s, they were driving through the city of San Juan, Texas with the sunroof open. It was a clear day outside and they saw a typical round silver object hovering in the air. They kept sight on it for about 15 seconds and made a decision to pull over. As they were getting ready to pull over, some trees obstructed their view. When the sky opened up, the sky was completely clear.

On another occasion, while celebrating the New Year, they were outside chatting and Rene noticed an orange holographic looking spherical object circling and disappearing in the sky. He quickly pointed it out and they watched it for about 5 minutes then the ball started to light up like a fireball. It seemed to be getting very hot and like molten lava start to drip. Then it took off at speeds that neither one of us had seen before, considering its distance, this thing was flying. It flew directly North and was so high and going so fast that it seemed to be flying with the curvature of the earth.

The future plans for True Horror Stories of Texas is to continue gathering stories for our readers an start producing short films about those stories. We thank you for following and supporting us.


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